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Gestion SIDEV has the tools to help you successfully complete all the critical steps of a real estate acquisition.

À la carte management services

Our management teams work according to proven procedures, offering a full line of customized services that meet the specific needs of each one of our clients.
Depending on your needs, Gestion SIDEV can take on any of the following mandates:


Lease administration
Insurance policy management
Human resource and salary management
Leasing and space development
Rent collection


Development of budget forecasts
Bookkeeping and record keeping
Production of operating reports
Payment of suppliers and service contracts
Preparation of audit files
Production of monthly financial statements
Monitoring and collection of common expenses


Supervised leasehold improvements
Recognized suppliers and subcontractors
Inspections to check maintenance of premises
Negotiation of service contracts and preventative maintenance programs
Supervision of major construction or repair projects
Periodic building visits

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A global, integrated vision of your investments

Gestion SIDEV sets itself apart through its integrated and scalable solutions, which make its management services accountable and transparent as well as highly adaptable to the needs and requirements of each individual client and partner.
Upon assuming responsibility for a building, our multidisciplinary team performs a complete building analysis that includes the following:

Analysis of compliance with municipal, provincial and federal standards
Analysis of insurance policies
Analysis of health and safety risks and procedures
Analysis of environmental risks
Evaluation of financial history
Inspection of the building’s electromechanical components
Review of all service and procurement contracts
Full review of leases
Verification of the building envelope

After this thorough analysis of your property, we provide you with a status report and recommendations that will enable you to reach your performance goals.
Then, our management teams work closely with project management and property operations personnel to lower your costs, raise your revenues and optimize your property values. Seizing opportunities to create value is our constant goal!

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SIDEV Property Manager: The ultimate property management tool

Gestion SIDEV also stands out because of our exclusive reporting system: the SIDEV Property Manager. This comprehensive report provides you with regular, concise, accurate and complete information on the operations conducted regarding your real estate assets.
As an authorized agent, Gestion SIDEV pays special attention to the quality of the information we provide our clients. Above all, we understand that each client’s informational needs are different, and that these needs can change over time. Our databases and information processing are structured to give you not only regular reports tailored to your needs in terms of content and format, but also to provide on-demand specific reports almost instantly.

In a format tailored to your needs, the SIDEV Property Manager gives you:
The option to select one or several buildings
A complete and up-to-date snapshot, as well as a history of the current year
A full summary of all buildings under management
A detailed analysis of all accounts

SIDEV Property Manager gives you access to the critical analytical tools and monitoring reports you need to make informed decisions. You benefit from secure remote access 24/7 that lets you consult all the financial and operational data for your real estate asset.
SIDEV Property Manager gives you all the tools to help you target strategic data, from profit and loss summaries to detailed revenue and expense reports for your properties.

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Testimonials from some of our clients

"As foreign-based investors, real estate management was a challenge. We chose to tackle it with Gestion SIDEV. By placing our property portfolio in their hands, we had the guarantee of receiving competitive and high-quality service. Gestion SIDEV successfully took advantage of the right opportunities to maximize our assets’ profitability and value. The results are proof of this: our buildings have an average occupancy rate of 90%. The thoroughness of their operational reports and their proactivity make them outstanding managers. The revitalization and use change of 400 Maisonneuve Blvd. is the best example of this. This downtown building, which was previously occupied by industrial renters in the fur industry, was completely updated and redeveloped by the Gestion SIDEV team. It now houses esteemed renters like the Spectra Group, Visa Desjardins and Omer DeSerres. What’s more, in 2006, this revamp received a prestigious Heritage Award (“Prix du patrimoine commercial”) from the city of Montréal and Héritage Montréal. Gestion SIDEV exceeded all our expectations in this project. Brava, SIDEV!”– L. Bernasconi, Fiduciaria SA, Switzerland

“With SIDEV, negotiating a lease takes on a new twist and offers flexibility. This approach is highly appreciated these days.” – Nantel Brisset, affiliated real estate agent and associate vice president—Office leasing, Cushman & Wakefield Lepage Inc.
“After some intense negotiations, SIDEV, through Serge Hutchinson’s team, was able to meet the expectations of our client and quickly correct some technical problems. The client was satisfied with the building and their office. Excellent management work.” – Christian Guay, real estate broker, Immobilière Nationale
“In addition to providing us with administrative office space over the last three years, SIDEV has supported us, becoming a close partner in managing the spaces in our production offices. In truly ingenious ways, SIDEV has been able to meet our sometimes unusual needs with a collaborative and flexible approach that goes well beyond what is expected of a real estate manager.” – Danielle Demers, vice president—IT and the work environment, Équipe Spectra

For more information, email or call 514-874-0808 .

For more information, send an email to or call 514-874-0808.